SuperCache Module

SuperCache is the first of many modules that are coming for Foodomaa.

This module aims to boost the performance of the core Foodomaa engine by caching the popular (most-called) APIs.

  • Languages - language list and textual data

  • Settings - customer/delivery app settings

  • Stores - store information and store list

  • Items - recommended items, all items list, menus

  • Promo Sliders - sliders and slides

How does it work?

Generally in any application, when a data API is hit the request goes to the server and the server fetches the data from the Database and processes it and sends the response back to the application.

Without SuperCache Module:

With SuperCache Module:

As you can see in the "with SuperCache" diagram, there are additional checks on every listened API call for whether or not the cache exists.

If the cache exists, the Database call is skipped and this saves a lot of server resources.

How much is the performance gain?

On our internal tests, the performance gain was 49% on all the listened APIs. i.e. the data was returned to the customer application 49% faster than usual.

The test was conducted on a data set of 20 Stores with 1200 Items in total.

Private Beta Test Results

SuperCache plugin was released to our private beta channel over Discord to 6 users. These users are running their business with Foodomaa and the test results were phenomenal.

Reported on an average of 200-300% gain in performance 😍😍

Which then concluded that the larger the user base you have the more gain you can squeeze out of SuperCache.

How to install SuperCache?

Go to Admin Dashboard > Modules > Premium Modules > Add New Module and Drag-Drop the "" file.

You will be asked for your purchase code during the module installation.

After the module is installed, double-click on the Disabled button to enable the module.

Click on the Settings button to access the SuperCache Settings.

Click the Purge Everything button to clear all the cache.

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