Update From an Older Version

For Version 2.0 and all future releases


Take a backup of your Store Dashboard Language Translation before you update. Go to /resources/ folder and take a back up of "lang" folder. After the update is completed, copy-paste this folder back to the same path (/resources/)

Skip this step if you have not manually translated Store Dashboard Translations.

Follow these steps to update

  1. Download the zip file from CodeCanyon and extract it on your local system (PC)

  2. Goto the "Upgrade from older version" folder.

  3. You will find a zip file named "UPLOAD-THIS.zip"

  4. Upload this zip file to your server into the previous Foodomaa installation directory.

  5. Extract the zip file on your server.

  6. After successful extraction, directly go to the Admin Panel. (https://yourwebsite.com/public)

  7. This will redirect you to the new Update Page where you need to enter your Admin password to install the new update.

  8. After the successful update, you will be automatically logged in to the Admin Dashboard.

  9. DONE! Now you can visit the homepage of your website.

If you wish to, you can Go to Admin > Setting > Cache Settings > Force Clear Cache

For Older version 1.5 - 1.9.8 (Not Recommended)

Video Walkthrough

Strict instructions for upgrade to v1.9

  1. Upload the UPLOAD-THIS.zip file from "Upgrade from older version" folder to your server and extract it to the root directory of your Foodomaa Application.

  2. Directly go to the Admin Panel > Settings > Fix Update Issues

  3. Navigate to Admin > Extras > Translations and click on Edit on all your saved languages and without changing anything, just click on Save.

  4. DONE. You can now visit your website.

If you didn't followed the steps in order, you might get a white-screen issue. To fix this, go to Admin > Settings > Cache Settings > Force Clear Cache

Breaking Changes in v1.9

  1. Promo slider links will not work. But there is a fix for this. To fix this, go to Admin Dashboard > Modules > Promo Sliders > Edit the Slide and then Edit each of your slide images and re-link them to the restaurants. (If you have sliders with custom links, then no need to edit them)

  2. If you have a Twilio OTP setup, it will not work anymore. Follow the SMS Gateway Settings documentation to setup Twilio or MSG91. (Trial Twilio Account will not work, you will need to buy a Twilio Number)

  3. We have moved to SendGrid API services from older SendGrid SMTP services. To reconfigure the email services, please refer to this.