Change Log (old)

Change Log for Foodomaa™ Multi-Vendor Application

Version 2.9.2 - 24-10-2021

  • Sms and Push notification issue when order accepted by the store owner.
  • Order taking long time to accept from Zen Mode issue fixed.
  • After registration using social login, the phone number filed was showing invalid.
  • Security issue fixed on customer application.
  • Some store owner bug fixes

Version 2.9.1 - 14-09-2021

  • Adding new address and going back to the homepage doesn't reloads the page issue fixed.
  • Selecting an old address doesn't reloads the page issue fixed.
  • Disabling the email invoice settings doesn't work issue fixed.
  • Map Documentation URL 404 issue fixed.
  • Fixed Order Schedule module issue when the store had enabled Auto-Accept order.
  • Fixed Order Schedule module issue when admin manually marks the payment as confirm.
  • Delivery rating was not visible even on delivery orders issue fixed.
  • Google maps dev mode issue fixed for Admin and Store Owner dashboard.

Version 2.9.0 - 11-09-2021

  • Call And Order Module Compatibility.
  • Order Schedule Module Compatibility.
  • Login with OTP (Admin > Settings > SMS Settings > Login/Registration Type)
  • Delivery application completed orders in infinite lazy loading.
  • Added missing translations to the Delivery Application.
  • Lock Delivery Guy Account based on Floating Cash.
  • Delivery pin to open only the numeric keyboard.
  • Make cart suggestion multiline (Customer application’s cart page)
  • Fixed recommended slider layout issue when the item price is set to zero on Customer Application.
  • Recording Order Cancelled by whom (Admin > Orders > View single order) (will only work on orders that are canceled after 2.9 update)
  • Fixed If item category disabled, while editing item wrong item category was selected.
  • Admin Setting to Disable COD for Self-pickup (Admin > Settings > Customer Application > Enable COD on Self Pickup)
  • Custom badge name for "Featured" badge (Admin > Stores > Edit > Extras > Custom name of Featured badge)
  • Fixed notification issue on "Awaiting Payment" status for PayTm and other payment gateways.
  • On the Checkout page, show a custom message when the order placing loading Animation is shown.(Admin > Modules > Translations > Edit)
  • Invoice of order over email when an order is completed. (Admin > Settings > Email Settings > Email Order Invoice Email)
  • Save distance from store to customer on the orders table. (Distance visible on Admin > Orders > Single order view)
  • Fixed Self-pickup notification to the delivery guy.
  • Add customer delivery address on the order history page on the customer app.
  • Order status issue on canceled orders or reassigned orders.
  • Delivery Area Pro Module issue - Store is not listing in some marked polygon areas (No need to update the module)
  • Random delivery pin for each order.
  • Use Current Location big button with text (on location selection where Map is shown)
  • Fixed Restaurant count on the homepage is not shown unless Self pickup is enabled.
  • Custom HTML block checkout page (before any payment button is clicked)
  • Auto-redirect 403 not logged-in page to the login page on Admin/Store Dashboard.
  • Show latest reviews/ratings first on Admin/Store dashboard.
  • Fixed string truncate is not working on reviews in the store owner panel under ratings.
  • A lot of fixes in the Store Owner Dashboard and ZenMode.
  • Show badges on the orders that are accepted by the store owners but not picked up by the delivery guys (on store owner dashboard and zen mode)
  • Do not show the Self-pickup column/row on the Store Owner dashboard if Self-pickup is disabled globally.
  • On the Stores' order details page, show the delivery guy's name.
  • Master switch to enable/disable all stores. (Admin > Settings > Advanced Settings > Foodomaa Utilities)
  • Show distance in delivery charges on the cart.
  • Easy time picker for Store Scheduling
  • Back button UX improvement on Homepage. (No reload on back button press when going back from Items page)
  • Remove spaces(or ignore spaces) from email during login/registration.
  • Remove delivery review from Store Dashboard.
  • Delivery assign and Reassign from Admin Dashboard SMS and Notification issue
  • Inbuilt License Management System (Admin > Settings > Advanced Settings > License Manager)
  • Self-pickup order rating bug/issue. (only the store can be rated on self pick up order)
  • Fixed Thermal Printer Auto-Printing not working after accepting the order issue. (No need to update the module)
  • Flutterwave add switch case to handle multiple currency/countries
  • Not able to scroll homepage, when item menu open and back button clicked.
  • Added google maps to select store location and popular geolocation.
  • Performance improvement on the Admin/Store Dashboard pages. (Core optimization)
  • Many small UI/UX untracked improvements on the Admin/Store/Delivery and Customer Application.

Version 2.8.2 - 19-07-2021 [Critical Security Update]

Version 2.8.1 - 02-07-2021

  • Fixed whitescreen/infinite-loading issue on order cancellation in the Customer Application.
  • Fixed Khalti Payment Gateway mobile number issue.

Version 2.8.0 - 28-06-2021

  • [NEW] Delivery Guy On/OFF (Online/Offline) switch on Delivery Application.
  • [NEW] Addon max limit to select feature.
  • [NEW] Cash Change amount for COD orders. (Admin > Settings > Customer Application > Show Cash Change on COD)
  • [NEW] Khalti Payment Gateway for Nepal.
  • [NEW] Sort Delivery stores by Distance (Admin > Settings > Customer Application > Sort Delivery stores by Distance)
  • The amount remaining to pay will not show on Completed Orders and Cancelled orders on Customer Application.
  • Fixed Self pickup orders not visible in mobile view.
  • Fixed issue of customer placing orders from Deactivated stores.
  • Recommended section fixed Grid View layout issue.
  • Added Custom CSS names to various sections for easy customization.
  • Fixed Cart item count when no item image issue.
  • Fixed overlapping images on Items page issue.
  • Junk notification delete query optimized.
  • Favorited store button fixed.
  • Fixed Item sold count on Dashboard.
  • Fixed Bulk CSV NULL image upload layout issue.
  • Fixed on category disable item showing on recommended section issue.
  • Store reviews are now sorted in descending order of creation on the customer application.
  • Fixed URL/permission issue on Store Owner dashboard for Reviews page.
  • Country code can now be a drop-down during registration. (Admin > Settings Customer Application > Default Country Code on Phone field (Enter country code separated by commas to show as a dropdown option)
  • Delivery guy rating is now shown on the customer application during order tracking after the delivery guy has accepted the order.
  • During customer registration, the first 0 (Zero) from the mobile number is now removed (solves duplication issue)
  • Fixed Forgot password email logo (Admin > Settings > General > Website URL needs to be correct to set the logo correctly)
  • Fixed SMS and Push Notification issue to Delivery Guy on Self pickup.
  • Fixed Tip amount commission calculation issue on Delivery Application.
  • Empty Spaces can now be added on Currency Symbol (Admin > Settings > Currency Symbol)
  • Fixed coupon deleting issue.
  • Fixed read the review button not working on Favorited Stores.
  • Fixed Delivery COD partial collection issue.
  • Fixed delivery DLT template ID not saving issue.
  • Added links to Dashboard insights blocks.
  • Restaurant charge null issue on Order list page on customer application.
  • Added infinite loading on order list page on customer application.
  • Some UI fixes and untracked improvements.

Version 2.7.2 - 10-05-2021

  • File permission fixes.

Version 2.7.1 - 10-05-2021

  • Fixed Translation issue with the "Rate Order" text in the Orders History page on the Customer Application.
  • Fixed Delivery Application and some pages 404 issue.
  • Fixed On selecting Self-Pickup and going to the "My Favourites" section, the application crashes with a white screen.
  • Fixed On the Orders Listing page on Store Owner Dashboard, the order "created date/time" language issue

Version 2.7.0 - 05-05-2021

  • Rating and Review System (Store/Restaurant and Delivery Rating)
  • Full 7.3 Compatibility.
  • Fixed MSG91 DLT issue for Store Owner/Delivery Guy.
  • Fixed Order bill details issue on smaller devices in Admin/Store Dashboard.
  • Fixed Order and Items count issue on Store Dashboard page.
  • Fixed Items image issue on Explore page on the Customer Application.
  • Fixed issue with Roles/Permission on manage/assign stores/deliveries.
  • Fixed new Delivery Guy creation issue on Admin Dashboard.
  • Facebook/Google Social login icon issue on Customer Application.
  • OneSignal Patch Added.
  • Item/menu sorting Patch Added.
  • Customer registration issue Patch Added.
  • Layout fixes for Customer Application.
  • Layout fixes for Delivery Application.
  • Improved caching and compatibility with SuperCache Module.
  • Improved settings cache.

Version 2.6.1 - 14-03-2021

  • Delivery Pin Issue fixed on the Delivery Application.
  • Fix update issue button SQL error fixed.
  • Fixed Item search on the Customer Application.
  • Store Info mismatch issue on the cart page in the Customer Application.
  • Social login phone field added non-editable country code.

Version 2.6.0 - 13-03-2021

The Order Scheduling system is under development and will be released soon (as a separate module) Backend works are still remaining. And it also needs approval from CodeCanyon to be released.
  • Added Menu Categories Sorting Feature same as Store Sorting (Admin Panel > Dashboard > Stores > Edit > Sort Menu & Items > Sort Menu Categories)
  • Added Item Sorting Feature same as Store Sorting (Admin Panel > Dashboard > Stores > Edit > Sort Menu & Items)
  • Added Multi-Role System (Admin can create custom roles and assign certain permissions to them) (Admin > Users > All Users > Manage Roles & Permissions)
  • Improvement on Items Search on Customer Application when the store has a lot of items.
  • Fixed Home Page Store Listing & Store Category Page - Store Listing Issue
  • Fixed Clicking on Storeowner notification redirecting to Customer Application.
  • Fixed Delivery guy not getting Push Notification when Order accepted by Admin or When Assigning Delivery Guy by Admin.
  • Fixed Delivery Guy application Item Total Price Issue (for items that had multiple quantities)
  • Fixed Delivery Guy Application Text Color in Light Mode.
  • Fixed Zen mode Layout issue in Safari Browser.
  • Fixed Splash Screen Cache Issue. (Showing Old Splash Screen even updated)
  • Fixed Translations removing default language issue. (At least one needs to be set as Default)
  • Added Controlled PWA installation with custom Message and Button to install app anytime.
  • Optimized APIs for Delivery Guy application. (2x-3x faster)
  • Added Delivery Pin on View Order Page on Admin Dashboard.
  • Major UI changes in the My Accounts section in the Customer Application.
  • Native Share Store/Store item popup on supported devices.
  • Added Advanced Server Stats.
  • Added Current Location Fetch button to Location Selection Map page.
  • Improvement in getting accurate address data from Google Places Search to Location Selection Map page.
  • Improved Cart Page by showing addon prices if an item with addons is selected.
  • Added Customers VAT/TAX number on My Account Page. If entered, it will be shown on the invoice.
  • Added Flutterwave Payment Gateway.
  • Fixed Item sold count issue for cancelled order in Storeowner Dashboard.
  • Added Vegetarian/Non-vegetarian/None marks.
  • Fixed for Completed orders, not to show "Amount remaining to be paid" on the My Orders page in the Customer Application.
  • Added back the Ban user function on Edit User page on Admin Dashboard (was removed in 2.5)
  • Added Marking Stores as favourite on Customer Application.
  • Added Popup to confirm before clearing the cart when adding items from different stores.
  • Added Delivery/Self-pickup choose options on Cart page if the store supports both.
  • Added On the Registration page in the Customer Application, non-editable country code field.
  • Improved Delivery Pin is now only numeric code (5 digits)
  • UI improvements in Admin Dashboard.
  • Added MSG91 DLT Template ID for Indian users (Admin > Settings > SMS Settings > MSG91)
  • Image Mandatory removed for item image for both Storeowner & Admin Dashboard.
  • Improved UI in Cart Page.
  • Improved UI for Login & Registration Page.
  • Improved UI in Items page.

Version 2.5.2 - 01-02-2021

Mandatory to update if the upcoming Thermal Printer Module is needed to be used.

  • Improved ThermalPrinter Compatibility (module soon to be launched on CodeCanyon)
  • Geocoding address full-address disable setting not working issue fixed - (Credit to Montecchi)
  • Fixed the layout of order items issue on Delivery Application (on smaller iOS devices and old Xiaomi Phones)
  • Fixed light-mode compatibility for Delivery Application.
  • Fixed Promo slider updation of slides/image links issue.
  • Fixed Promo slider deletion issue.
  • Item search issue when the item's store is deactivated but is active/open.

Version 2.5.1 - 29-01-2021

  • Verification issue fixed.
  • Memory optimization for Dashboard.
  • Remove junk files.

Version 2.5.0 - 29-01-2021

  • Added Promo Sliders based on Latitude/Longitude & Operational Radius.
  • Added Promo Sliders based on Delivery Area Pro Module.
  • Added a Toggle button for Light & Dark Mode in Delivery Application.
  • Added “Try it on your Phone” phone block for Desktop View.
  • Added separate Push Notification tone for Customer & Delivery Application (manual file change required)
  • Added Forgot Password/Reset Password Option for Store Owners, Delivery Guys & Admin.
  • Added Form Field Validation for Store Owner & Delivery Guy Registration Page.
  • Added Delivery Type Selection for Store Owner Dashboard while Creating/Editing Stores.
  • Added Application Logo on Admin/Store Owner Login Page.
  • Added Separate Registration URL for Store Owner & Delivery Guy.
  • Added Payout Details of Store Owner in Admin Dashboard.
  • Advanced tables view for Delivery/Store Owner users in Admin. (Admin > Users)
  • Upcoming Thermal Printer Module Compatibility.
  • Fixed Order view page Layout breaking issue on Store Owner & Admin Dashboard.
  • Fixed Item Search Issue, Previously it shows all items of all stores.
  • Improved Cart Page Validation in Customer Application, now items with old price in Cart Page will get updated.
  • Orders paid with the wallet will be shown in the Customer Application.
  • Improved Checkout Page Validation in Customer Application, now stores will be validated whether Open/Close on Checkout Page.
  • Fixed Addons Remove issue from Item Page.
  • Fixed Push Notification Issue for PayTm, Mercadopago, Stripe, Razorpay, Paypal.
  • Delivery Guy Translation issue fixed.
  • Fixed Show Delivery Guy's COD Collection - Repeated Twice.
  • Fixed Delivery Guy Creation Issue from Admin Dashboard.
  • Fixed Cart infinite-reload issue when Force Clear Cache from Admin Dashboard.
  • Fixed “Order Delivered” Alert & Push Notification Translation Issue.
  • Optimized Admin Dashboard - Main Page Query & Speed optimization.
  • Optimized Coupon & Edit Coupon Pages for Database Queries.
  • Optimized Admin Dashboard Orders Page for fast rendering of large Dataset & CSV Export.
  • Fixed Store Owner Dashboard memory leak issue.
  • Fixed Send Push Notification Page memory leak issue in Admin Dashboard.
  • Fixed Item Quantity count not showing in the items list.
  • Fixed Button UI issues on Admin/Store Dashboard pages.
  • Remove obsolete translation keys from the Store Owner Translation file.
  • Fixed Stores list on Admin Dashboard loading slowing when Delivery Area Pro is enabled.
  • Fixed Logo dimensions issue for customer application.
  • Fixed Self pickup order view layout breaking on Store owner/admin dashboard.

Version 2.4.1 - 23-12-2020

  • Fixed orderstatuses table issue.
  • Fixed deleting junk alters issue when junk data is more than 65K. (Now, 15K junk will be deleted at a time).
  • Add delivery guy name to Order View in Admin (after order complete).
  • User names double spaces issue breaking on Dashboard.
  • Rounding issue in To Pay in customer application on tip amount applied.
  • Translation of "earning in 7days" in the delivery application.
  • Remove PHP Version check on the update processing page.
  • Fixed layout issue in view order page in mobile for Admin and Store Owners.
  • Show Assign delivery guy when order accepted by Store Owner or Auto Accepted on View Order Page in Admin.
  • Tip system bug when the tip amount exceeds 999.
  • Optimized Admin Dashboard queries.
  • Improved Advanced Orders view in Admin Dashboard - Added Delivery Guy name, fixed View button to the Right, Added Customer Name, UI Improvements to Live Timer (Admin > Orders)
  • Delivery tip showing null on customer Application on my orders list.
  • Self-pickup stores listing bug.
  • Store Category Filtered stores sorting based on Active Stores.
  • Tips amount and Tip Percentage insertion issue fixed for Admin Dashboard.

Version 2.4.0 - 21-12-2020

  • Dashboard navigation link added for Store Owner
  • Fixed Coupon not updating issue from Admin Dashboard
  • Fixed Coupon Min-subtotal not reached message issue on Customer Application.
  • Cart infinite loading issue fixed on Customer Application.
  • Store Not-Operational issue fixed on Cart page on Customer Application.
  • Item images rendering issues fixed of iOS Safari 13/14.
  • Added option to select All Stores in New Coupon/Edit Coupon page from Admin Dashboard
  • The multi-Select dropdown is now not closed on selecting multiple stores for Coupons Adding/Editing.
  • The multi-Select dropdown is now not closed on selecting multiple addon categories for Item Adding/Editing
  • [NEW] Add distance from user to the store in Self-Pickup Store List on the Customer Application.
  • [NEW] Push Notification for Store Owners using OneSignal. (Watch the Tutorial)
  • [NEW] Zen Mode for Store Owners
  • Fixed decimal overflow on earnings in store owner and admin.
  • [NEW] Self-Pickup sort by Distance (Admin > Settings > Customer Application > Sort Self Pickup stores by Distance)
  • Improved orders view for a single user (Admin > Users > All Users >Edit)
  • Optimized Gps Tables for database query optimization and faster saving of the data. (GpsTables is now not used, instead, GPS data is stored on Delivery Guy's details table)
  • [NEW] Junk data cleaning for Alerts (Admin > Modules > Send Push Notifications) (Junk Data removing message will only be shown only when you have junk data in the database)
  • [NEW] Swipe to Accept, Pickup, and Delivery Order for the Delivery Application.
  • Fixed UI issue with Store Category Slider on Admin page.
  • Fixed UI issue with Edit Item on Store Owner page.
  • Improved Addon Category adding functionality on the Edit Item page for Admin and Store Owner Dashboard.
  • Store Category Selection improved on Store Edit page (Also the dropdown is now not closed on selection)
  • Delivery guy name is now not displayed on the printable block in the View Order page in Admin and Store Owners
  • Improved UX in the Item Customization Popup on Customer Application
  • Huge UX fix: on click of a single item or cart or account and coming back to the items page, the last scroll location is persisted
  • Huge UX fix for stores listing page - last scroll location is persisted (Not if Randomization of Stores is enabled from Admin Settings)
  • Store Payout, delivery collection, delivery collection logs, wallet transactions all are now shown in descending order of creation.
  • Added Store name in Store Payouts page for Admin Dashboard
  • Fixed delivery guy application account issue on the new delivery guy account login
  • [NEW] Delivery Guy per-calculated commission is now shown on the Delivery order list for new orders, accepted orders, detailed order page on the Delivery Application.
  • Fixed payout request list scroll issue on the mobile device for Store Owners
  • Added Delivery Area Pro Areas names on Sort Stores Page for Admin Dashboard.
  • Delivery charges are now shown even when the user is not logged in on the Cart Page on the Customer Application.
  • [NEW] Delivery Application complete revamp with an elegant dark theme.
  • New section on Delivery Application for Picked-up Orders.
  • Fixed back button issue on Delivery Application.
  • [NEW] Delivery Tip system (Fixed amount and Percentage commission)
  • [NEW] Advanced Users Table for Admin Dashboard (Admin > Users > All Users)
  • [NEW] CSV Export for Users with any Filters from Advanced Users Table
  • [NEW] Advanced Orders table for Admin Dashboard (Admin > Orders)
  • [NEW] CSV Export for Orders with any Filters from Advanced Orders Table.
  • Tip Amount, Coupon Amount, Tax Amount, Subtotal is now saved on the orders table for better data handling.
  • Layout fix for Recommended Items in Customer Application.
  • Inactive stores are now shown on store category filter results on Customer Application.
  • Fixed bug of items of the non-accepted store being shown on search results on Customer Application.
  • Self-pickup stores are now shown on Store Category Slider filtered results.
  • Fixed timestamps on the Delivery application.
  • Orders and Transactions order fixed in the Delivery Application.
  • iOS Double Click to Cancel issue on Store Dashboard fixed.
  • Compatibility with up-coming Thermal Printer Module (manual and automatic receipt printing with POS printer)

Version 2.3.1 - 31-10-2020

  • Fixed issue on the Cart Address filed not shown when a user visits application from Single Item/Store URL directly without Location Setup.

Version 2.3.0 - 30-10-2020

  • iOS and some android phone cart infinite loading/refreshing issues.
  • On Google Distance Matrix enabled issues with processing Full/Partial Wallet money.
  • Refund miscalculation/double refund issue solved.
  • Delivery guys' push notification when auto-accept from restaurant/store is enabled.
  • [NEW Single Store URLs can be shared. (Copy URL and try on incognito mode - no location selection redirection)
  • [NEW] The Single Item URL can be shared. (Copy URL and try on incognito mode - no location selection redirection)
  • [NEW] Single Item/Store URL can be shared on Desktop too. (Copy URL and try on incognito mode - no location selection redirection - Auto activate mobile layout when Single Item/Store URL hit on desktop view)
  • [NEW] Advanced Coupon System - Coupons can now be linked to multiple stores.
  • [NEW] Advanced Coupon System - A coupon can be set for an Unlimited number of usage, Once for a new user for 1st order, Once per any user, and also the custom number of time defined by Admin.
  • Code Optimizations for Checkout and Cart pages.
  • [NEW] Paytm Payment Gateway with UPI (PhonePe, GooglePay, Paytm Wallet, etc)
  • Store Owner selected language now persists even after logout.
  • Improvement in the UI of Orders page (Admin and Store Owner)
  • Added missing language translations for Store Owner Dashboard.
  • Security Fixes.
  • [NEW] Store Owner can select which payment gateway to Enable/Disable (Stores > Edit > Payment Gateways) [Admin first needs to enable this from Admin > Settings > General > Allow Payment Gateway Selection for Store Owners]

Version 2.2.1 - 15-09-2020

  • Fixed issues with Stripe Card payment Error handling
  • Fixed issues with iDeal and FPX error handling
  • Removed non-required data from the API call for stores.
  • Fixed Delivery Radius not-editable issue.
  • The fixed Bulk upload image file doesn't exist issue and NULL image issue
  • Google Login Logo change as per Google guidelines
  • Change Facebook Login style to match with Google Login button style.
  • UI issues on iOS for veg/non-veg icon on the recommended section in Items page.
  • Fixed Self-pickup Commission calculation issue
  • Fixed Addon not deleting issue.
  • Fixed UI issues with Store Category Sliders' names on iOS and Samsung Devices.

Version 2.2.0 - 11-09-2020

  • Stripe v3 Checkout implemented with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for 3D Card Payments.
  • Stripe Ideal payment gateway for the Netherlands.
  • Stripe FPX payment gateway for Malaysia.
  • PayMongo Payment gateway for the Philippines.
  • MercadoPago payment gateway for Brazil.
  • New UI layout for Mobile Device for Items page on Admin/Store Dashboard. (Admin/Store Dashboard > Items & Menus > Items)
  • Ajax Based Item on/off switch.
    An easier way to edit Stores from Admin (Admin > Stores > Edit)
  • A easy way to manage Addon Categories and Addons (Admin/Store Dashboard > Items & Menus > Addon Categories > Add new Addon Category)
  • Addon Category now has a description that is visible when trying to link it to an Item.
    Cache issue for Login as Store Owner fixed.
  • Added View User's orders (Admin > Users > All Users > Edit > Scroll down to Orders from User section)
  • Delivery Guy Not able to Accept order bug fixed. (This issue arises when users manually delete orders from Database. We are now handling this exception but please DO NOT delete anything manually from the Database)
  • Module upload ZIP PHP extension bug fixed.
  • Item/menu category cache compatibility with SuperCache (Editing the settings or item/menu category will invalidate the cache - New SuperCache v2 required)
  • Security bug fixed for OTP on Registration.
  • NEW Premium Module "Delivery Area Pro" compatibility.
  • Coupon Minimum Order bug fixed on the Cart page.
  • Store Scheduling bug fixed (Multiple time slot was not working properly previously)
  • iOS infinite "Updating" issue fixed
  • Logout all user has been removed.
  • Offline detection for Desktop/Laptop/PC devices has been disabled.
  • Added Custom HTML block on Store Page (Admin > Stores > Edit > Meta Data > Custom Store Message)
  • Added Search Bar (Which redirects to the Explore page) on the homepage of the
  • Customer Application. (Admin > Settings > Customer Application > Search Bar on Homepage)
  • New styles of Footer Navigation bar on the homepage(Fixed and Float options) (Admin > Settings > Customer Application > Footer Navigation Type)
  • Major improvement in the item's search algorithm on the Customer Application's Items page. (It now searches even when words are skipped)
  • Added Home Button on the Top Navbar on some pages (Manage Address, Orders, Order Tracking, etc) on the Customer Application.
  • Improved loading of Google Distance Matrix API for Dynamic Delivery Charges calculation.
  • Checkout Page not loading the payment gateway bug fixed (If because of network issue or anything the checkout page fails to load the payment gateway, the application keep on trying to load the payment gateways until success)
  • "To Pay" text on the checkout page has been moved to the header navbar which is sticky.
  • Logout confirmation on Customer Application.
  • Layout issues on the Manage Address page fixed.
    CSV Bulk upload will now run an error check before processing the CSV file for Item upload. (Detection of image error, store/restaurant error, item/menu category error)
  • Code optimization for listing stores on the homepage.
  • A ton of CSS improvements
  • Fixed Translations on Restaurant Dashboard
  • Added new translations for customer application
  • Fixed Password Reset redirection issue.
  • Unique delivery pin on every order.
  • Reset password bug fixed
  • Modules Database table not found bug fixed
  • Fixed UI issue with Recommended item
  • Fixed UI issue with promo sliders
  • Added option to hide HouseNumber, StreetNumber from Google Autocomplete for Address

Version 2.1.1 - 28-07-2020


  • Menu non-clickable issue fixed on Customer Application.
  • Self-pickup infinite-loading issue fixed on checkout pickup infinite-loading issue fixed on checkout.

Version 2.1.0 - 24-07-2020


  • Ban user functionality. (Banned users cannot view the cart/place orders) (Admin > Users > All Users > Edit > Ban Users)
  • In-App Notification - When a push notification is sent from Admin to all the customers or a particular customer, if the customer has open the application, a notification popup will appear.
  • Push Notification InApp popup link for order updates in the customer app
  • Push Notification InApp popup link on new order received on delivery app
  • Custom HTML block for Homepage (Admin > Modules > Translations > Edit a language > Custom Home Message)
  • Custom HTML block for Cart Page (Admin > Modules > Translations > Edit a language > Custom Cart Message)
  • Offline detection and custom screen when the device is offline (when no internet connection)
  • Custom SMTP email gateway settings.
  • In the customer application, there is a detailed view of the order details. (Accounts > My Orders)
  • Added supported locales for Stripe (Admin > Settings > Payment Gateways > Stripe Language)
  • Custom Store URL (Admin > Stores > Edit Store > Scroll down to Store URL section)
  • Added settings to disable iOS popup on customer app (Admin > Settings > Customer Application > Show Custom iOS Add To Homescreen Popup)
  • Files Backup, Database backup functionality (Experimental) (Admin > Settings > Advanced Settings)
  • Added vibration and notification sound for In-App Notification
  • Added Logout all customer button on Admin.

Fixed & Improvements

  • Major: Payment captured but order not placed bug fixed
  • Major: Fixed -When user change address on the cart page, even the store is not operational in the new address, the user was able to checkout
  • MAJOR SECURITY FIX - Over 20+ API security issues fixed.
  • Fixed Min Order issue on store saving function
  • CSS issues fixed for the managed Address page in the customer application.
  • Fixed Not deliverable address was selectable when trying to change address from Cart Page
  • Min-Subtotal is set to 0 by default on Coupons
  • Background/Foreground issues fixed for sticky bar and footer on Customer Application.
  • When the coupon is invalid, the order was not placed even if the online payment was captured.
  • Push notification saves the token function issue fixed. (Routes outside the middleware issue)
  • On Social login auth success, show loading instead of sitting idle.
  • Push Notification token is now generated every time customer goes to the homepage/store-listing-page.
  • Commented out the reset password email footer company address
  • Double click on forms submit on Admin/Store Dashboard are disabled to prevent duplicate entries
  • Fixed RichText Editor (SummerNote) code editor not saving changes unless clicked again
  • The delivery guy cannot be assigned to any stores if the delivery details and not filled.
  • Prevent multiple clicks to Fix Update Issues button to prevent corruption of files
  • Searchable select added to addons creation. Addon categories are now searchable on the addons creation page
  • Store Owner Dashboard layout issues scroll
  • Items list CSS UI issues
  • Single item add/remove item button UX.
  • Stores are now searchable on the Items creation/edit item page.
  • Sales chart removed from the earnings page for now
  • Fixed layout issues with delivery guy orders layout
  • Push Notification can now be sent to all users successfully, previously 1000 users were the limit.
  • Cart Address-delivery charge bug fixed.
  • Checkout payment gateway try again after 3 seconds if first failed
  • Coupon percentage undefined bug fixed
  • Fixed Store Dashboard earning calculation issues (Only on the dashboard)
  • Fixed Custom CSS on second reload issues (Now comes on 1st load itself)
  • Improved cache mechanism on the customer application.
  • Fixed Delivery guy incorrect add-on price bug
  • Improved compatibility with Super-Cache Premium Module (Premium module will be released soon on Codecanyon)
  • Other Untracked improvements on the dashboard and customer application.
Please do not ask when it's releasing, we will be sending it for review to Codecanyon, it may take any time between 4-10 days depending on their current workload.

Version 2.0.4 - 21-07-2020

Private Beta released for selected users from Discord Channel

Version 2.0.3 - 16-07-2020

Private Beta released for selected users from Discord Channel

Version 2.0.2 - 09-07-2020

Private Beta released for selected users from Discord Channel

Version 2.0.1 - 06-07-2020


  • Fixed Translation issues when clicked on Edit.
  • Fixed Update issues with new simple update screen.

Version 2.0.0 - 05-07-2020


  • Cool new avatar selector for user profile.
  • NEW: Simple update procedure
  • NEW: Stores are now sortable with drag-and-drop. (Admin > Stores > Sort Stores > Edit)
  • NEW: Promo Sliders are now sortable with drag-and-drop. (Admin > Modules > Promo Sliders)
  • NEW: Store Category Sliders are now sortable with drag-and-drop. (Admin > Modules > Store Category Sliders)
  • NEW: Google Distance Matrix API can now be enabled for accurate calculations for Dynamic Delivery Charges. (Admin > Settings > Customer Application > Use Google Distance Matrix API)
  • NEW: Premium Modules system (Admin > Modules > Premium Modules) - Premium Modules will be sold separately

Fixed & Improvements

  • AliPay and BitCoin are now enabled on Stripe.
  • ALiPay and BitCoin payments for Stripe can be enabled/disabled from Admin (Admin > Settings > Payment Gateways > Stripe)
  • Currency bug on Stripe Payment Gateway has been fixed.
  • Admin has an option to hide/show the inactive items on the Customer Application (Admin > Settings > Customer Application > Show Inactive Items)
  • Improved the layout for the Store Owner Dashboard. The orders are now divided into different segments.
  • Fixed issues with promo slider images
  • Fixed delivery guy roles bug
  • Promo Sliders details can now be edited after it's created (Admin > Modules > Promo Sliders > Edit)
  • Fixed SendGrid credentials security bug
  • Removed old redundant DB seeders
  • Updated the CORS package and configurations
  • Address pages issues fixed when 0 address on the user list.
  • Optimize store images when uploaded from admin/store or through Bulk CSV
  • The minus button is now replaced with a delete button on the cart page when item quantity is one.
  • Major UI Improvements in the manage addresses page.
  • UI improvements in the Saved Addresses in Location Selection page.
  • Added back button on Search Location Page.
  • Many small UI and glitches fixed.

Version 1.9.8 - 01-06-2020

Released only for Beta testers through Discord Channel

Version 1.9.8 - 01-06-2020


Fixed & Improvements

  • Fixed hide price for addons when 0.00 - Ticket #1547
  • Fixed social Login Icons keeps on loading even when turned off in the registration page - Ticket #1589
  • Fixed item cart quantity count visibility issue on items page - Ticket #1592
  • Fixed issue with partial payment not refunded when cancelled from user end -Ticket #1575
  • Fixed Wallet translation issues - Ticket #1547
  • Fixed iOS Image issue (Showing Half Image or stretching)
  • Fixed on Self-pickup orders the view order page on Admin was showing error - Ticket #1628
  • Fixed min Order Price for Stores set to 0 in the store creation form. - Ticket #1634
  • Fixed Alerts already marked as read issue - Ticket #1635

Version 1.9.7 - 30-05-2020

Only for beta testers through Mail.

Version 1.9.6 - 27-05-2020

Fixes & Improvements :

  • Fixed CSS issues that came along with v1.9.5
Please skip this updated above changes are not crucial for you!

Version 1.9.5 - 27-05-2020

Fixes & Improvements

  • PayStack Payment default currency code fixed (Take currency from Settings) - Ticket #1485
  • UI issue with Recommended Item on V2 Layout - Ticket #1482
  • Stripe BUG. (Partial wallet calculation error)- Ticket #1473
  • Currency Symbol UI issue on Single Item Page, Cart page, Homepage, Explore Page) - Ticket #1522
  • iOS Image stretching issue on Single Item Page - Ticket #1531
  • New Scheduling Command to fix junk file creations.
Please skip this updated above changes are not crucial for you!

Version 1.9.4 - 17-05-2020

Fixes & Improvements

  • Wallet transaction search fixed
  • Delivery Guy Collection (Full/Partial) fixed
  • WhiteScreen Issue on location selection page fixed
  • Bulk CSV Upload fix (New Sample File)
  • Buttons removed and Switches added for enable/disable of items, categories, stores, addons, etc.

Version 1.9.3 - 17-05-2020

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fresh Installation/New Installation issues fixed. [restaurants table/view not found error]

Version 1.9.2 - 17-05-2020

Fixes & Improvements

  • Scheduling issues fixed (Timezone based Scheduling fixed, single day entry fixed)
  • Setting Delivery Guy Commission rate fixed
  • Max order error message on delivery application fixed
  • Login to Restaurant owner tooltip issue fixed.
  • Print order blank screen on Admin fixed.
  • Self-pickup delivery charges fixed.

Version 1.9.1 - 13-05-2020

Beta Release.

Version 1.9.0 - 11-05-2020


  • Added functionality to check if the items which are disabled are present in the cart before checkout.
  • Added option in Admin to expand/collapse all Item Menus in the Item's listing page (Admin > Settings > Customer Application > Expand All Items Menu)
  • Added Searchable select options in Currency, Timezone, and all places with long dropdown lists, etc.
  • Added SessionToken for each request on Google Places API. (Now this should save your money in Google APIs)
  • Added Item's description and is_veg field to the Bulk Upload CSV files
  • Added option to View all the Addons of an Addon Category.
  • Added options to Edit the Menu Categories.
  • Added edit options in Delivery Guy And Store Owner pages as well.
  • Added top 10 items reports (Admin > Modules > Reports)
  • Added option to show/hide addons for Delivery Application (Admin > Settings > Delivery Application > Show Order Addons)
  • Added option to show/hide full address on the Delivery Application Order lists (Admin > Settings > Delivery Application > Show full address on Order List)
  • Added option to show/hide Customer's address before the order has been accepted in the Delivery Application (Admin > Settings > Delivery Application > Show Customer Address)
  • Added new MSG91 SMS Gateway integration
  • SMS alert for New Order Notification for Restaurant Owners
  • SMS alert for New Order Notification for Delivery Guys.
  • Added is_notifiable in Restaurants and Delivery Guys. (Only when set, they will get SMS notifications)
  • Added option for Auto Accepting Orders for Restaurants (Admin > Stores > Edit > Auto Accept Order)
  • Added option to assign and change/reassign delivery guys by Admin (Admin > Orders > View Order)
  • Added option to accept the restaurant's order by Admin (Admin > Orders > View Order)
  • Added Login/Registration pages meta title in Customer Application
  • Added SMS OTP error validation on the Registration page in Customer Application.
  • Added delivery pin on SuperAdmin Account.
  • Added delivery login error messages
  • Added CLP and NPR in currencies list in Admin.
  • Added message on the Delivery Application page when open from desktop/laptop view.
  • Added settings in Admin to control the Upload image quality for Items (Admin > Settings > General > Upload Image Quality). All uploaded item images will be encoded to JPG file reduce sizes.
  • New animations added to the location selection page.
  • Added Restaurant automatic scheduling (opening/closing) System. (Admin > Stores > Edit > Automatic Scheduling > Save || Then Fill the Scheduling Times) Follow the Store Scheduling Documentation
  • Restaurant Owner Translations Added (/resources/lang/en/storeDashboard.php)
  • Restaurant Owner's NEW Dashboard functionality. They will get a popup with when a new order arrives.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Changed the whole system to Multi-Store System.
  • Restaurants have been changed to Stores. Restaurant Owner has been changed to Store Owners.
  • Changed Dashboard and Customer Application URLs to use "store" rather than "restaurants"
  • Closed restaurants will now be visible on the Homepage with a custom message that can be set by Admin.
  • Server validation of un-available cart items added on the Cart Page.
  • Coupon Code calculation is now made on the Item total rather than the Sub-Total in the total bill.
  • Continuous alert sound for Restaurant Owner until an action is taken.
  • Alerts sound can be customized by Admin. (Admin > Settings > Store Dashboard > New Order Fetch Rate)
  • New Order Refresh rate can be set by Admin. (Admin > Settings > Store Dashboard > Notification Tone)
  • Removed obsolete MapBox CSS scripts.
  • Fixed delivery guy on-going order issue when the order is canceled.