Licenses and License management

How to view licenses for my Domain?

Visit (change to your own domain name)

Can I use the same license code on multiple domains?

No, you cannot. 1 License = 1 Domain for any type of license (Regular/Extended)

How to use an already registered license on a different Domain?

First, you will need to reset the license
    Enter the Super Admin password.
    Click the Reset button on the license you want to use on a different domain.
    Enter your Super Admin password again for confirmation.
    Now you can use the reset license on your other domain.

Can I get a free license for my Test/Dev/Stage domain?

Yes, you can get a free license for your test/dev/stage domain.
    Your Foodomaa license must be valid and support should not have been expired.
    If your domain is, then the test domain can only be a subdomain of i.e or, or any other subdomain you wish to have. We CANNOT create a free license for a different domain like: if your main domain is
    To avail a free license for test/dev/stage, you need to create a ticket on our helpdesk and send us the subdomain name.

How many free licenses can I get?

For Regular License, 1 Free test/dev/stage domain license can be provided.
For Extended License, a maximum of 3 Free test/dev/stage domain licenses can be released if required.

How to upgrade from a Regular License to an Extended License for Foodomaa?

Visit (change to your own domain name)
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