Licenses and License management

How to view licenses for my Domain?

Visit (change to your own domain name)

Can I use the same license code on multiple domains?

No, you cannot. 1 License = 1 Domain for any type of license (Regular/Extended)

How to use an already registered license on a different Domain?

First, you will need to reset the license

  1. Visit

  2. Enter the Super Admin password.

  3. Click the Reset button on the license you want to use on a different domain.

  4. Enter your Super Admin password again for confirmation.

  5. Now you can use the reset license on your other domain.

Can I get a free license for my Test/Dev/Stage domain?

Yes, you can get a free license for your test/dev/stage domain.

  1. Your Foodomaa license must be valid and support should not have been expired.

  2. If your domain is, then the test domain can only be a subdomain of i.e or, or any other subdomain you wish to have. We CANNOT create a free license for a different domain like: if your main domain is

  3. To avail a free license for test/dev/stage, you need to create a ticket on our helpdesk and send us the subdomain name.

How many free licenses can I get?

For Regular License, 1 Free test/dev/stage domain license can be provided.

For Extended License, a maximum of 3 Free test/dev/stage domain licenses can be released if required.

How to upgrade from a Regular License to an Extended License for Foodomaa?

Visit (change to your own domain name)

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