White Screen Issues

The Customer and the Delivery Application provided with Foodomaa is a Progressive Web Application. It uses React JS to power the frontend. React JS works the Single Page Application concept. A Single Page Application loads all the JavaScripts and then performs tasks like initializing the website, making API calls, routing, etc. If the JavaScript executing flow is obstructed because of a bad configuration, the application crashes and hence leads to a White-Screen.

What leads to a bad config and website to crash?

1. No translations are set in Admin

Goto Admin > Extras > Translations and check if you have at least one translation in place.

2. The translation are in place, but is no translation is marked as default.

Go to Admin > Extras > Translations and check if at least one transaction is marked as default. (Click on the CheckMark button on a translation to mark it as a default translation)

3. Removed Firebase Web Push Certificate

Go to Admin > Settings > Push Notifications > Firebase Web Push Certificate and check whether you have removed the FIrebase Web Push Certificate. Even if you do not intent to use Firebase push notifications, this field is not meant to be removed. If you have removed it by mistake, insert the following, and save your settings. BH5L8XrGsNpki5uF1008FbZzgKKZN-NmhOwdWL5Lxh5r3nsgZ6N_Dged1IYXXCCJwpnrXzs52G_v3vM_naO0hxY

Then go to Admin > Settings > Cache Settings > Force Clear Cache

4. API EndPoints not configured correctly

If you use a www version of your website during the installation, you might face this issue. Make sure you always use a non-www version of the URL. Go to Admin > Settings > Fix Update Issues

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