Razorpay Webhooks

Foodomaa 3.0+ implements Razorpay webhooks to capture payment data even when the transaction status is not received immediately.

Setup Process

Step 1: Login to your RazorPay dashboard.

Step 2: Go to Settings > WebHooks

Step 3: Click Add New Webhook

Step 4: Here you need to enter the webhook URL:


Change domain.com to your own domain name.

Step 5: In the Secret field, set a key (this can be any key you want)

Step 6: In the Active Events field, select payment.failed and payment.captured


Step 7: Click Create Webhook.

Step 8: Login to your Foodomaa Admin Dashboard

Step 9: Go to Settings > Payment Gateways > Razorpay Webhook Secret and insert the same Secret key you set on Step 5

Step 10. Save the settings.

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