Bulk CSV Upload

Sample CSV files for Bulk Store Upload can be found in Admin > Stores > Bulk CSV Upload > Download Sample CSV

Sample CSV files for Bulk Items Upload can be found in Admin > Items & Menus > Items > Bulk CSV Upload > Download Sample CSV

Common Issues during CSV Upload

500 Server Error

This error can occur due of multiple reasons. To know the exact reason for this issue, you will need to turn on the Development Mode from Admin Settings (Admin > Settings > General > Development Mode)

After the development mode has been turned on, try uploading the CSV once again and you will get an error message with some definitions for the error.

Common Causes could be:

  • The names of the header column have been changed.

  • Invalid or corrupted data

  • The image is missing from the destination.


If you have changed any headers column names, the CSV bulk upload will not work. The names has to be exactly the same as provided in the Sample CSV file.

Image Source Not Readable Issue

The images for the bulk upload go to these folders:

For Stores: assets/img/restaurants/bulk-upload

For Items: assets/img/items/bulk-upload

If you don't want to upload image set it as NULL in the CSV file.

Rules for image names

Make sure your name of the image and the file extension matches the name on the CSV file.

Example: file-name.jpg is not same as File-name.jpg

The file extension should be correct:

Example: myfile.png is not same as myfile.jpg or myfile.jpeg

There should not be any spaces in between the file names:

Example: my image file.png -> WRONG my-image-file.jpg -> CORRECT my_image_file.jpg -> CORRECT myimagefile.jpg -> CORRECT

Also, there should not be any spacial characters like Unicode Symbols, Emojis or foreign language in the file names (Chinese, Arabic characters should not be used for image file names)

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