When is the next update?

Whenever a new feature or implementation is scheduled for the Next Release, we move it to the "Doing" section of our Roadmap. Click here to view the Foodomaa Roadmap.

As we progress through the list, more new features may be added based on the requirements of our users or sometimes even to make certain things compatible with the current features or upcoming modules of Foodomaa

Also, on the Roadmap, there is a section called "Critical". Any critical issues that arise on the current version of Foodomaa are noted here and we try to patch those.

Hence, an exact date for "when will the next version release" CANNOT be provided. If you follow the roadmap, you will see the features cards being moved from Doing and Critical to the Completed section. When all the features are Completed and Beta Tested, we release the update on CodeCanyon.

You can also follow discussions on our Forums to get insights into what's going on with the development of Foodomaa.

Note: After our release, CodeCanyon might take 4-7 days to review the application and after they approve, only then it will be available for download.

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