Refund Policy

Before you ask for a refund

If you have purchased Foodomaa™ and you are experiencing a technical issue, we recommend that you contact us on our Support Ticket Channel and seek assistance.

When am I eligible for a refund?

    Item is purchased but not downloaded.
    Mistakenly purchased the same item multiple times and the item has not been installed.

Refunds are not processed in the following cases:

    You don't want it after you've downloaded it
    The item did not meet your expectations or you feel the item is of low quality
    You simply change your mind
    You bought an item by mistake and downloaded it
    You do not have sufficient expertise to use the item
    Item is not customizable because you only have a Regular License.
    The payment gateways provided in the application do not operate in your country/area.
Any refund requests that fall on the above points are straightaway denied.
Extended Licenses are non-refundable given any reason for the refund claim.
These refund policies are effective from 13 September 2019.
Last modified 2mo ago