Full Desktop Mode

As 98% of people use their phone to place an order in today's time, we are fully focused on mobile ordering. According to our survey, we concluded that the full desktop mode is a "Good To Have" feature rather than a "Need To Have". So, for Foodomaa™, we will never have a full-desktop version (as a lot of functionalities and design has to be built from the ground-up, and as of now we cannot invest our time on this.)

Customer/Delivery Application on iPad

Foodomaa™ follows an adaptive design and not a "responsive" design pattern. Hence it can only adapt to either Desktop or Mobile as of now. On any version of iPad (or any tablets) the desktop version will be rendered. (if the screen width is greater than 768 pixels)

Push Notifications

  • iOS doesn't support Push-API so on any iOS device, the push notification (for the Customer Application, the Delivery Application, the Store Dashboard) will not work at all. (Unless Apple develops the Push-API support on iOS devices - which we doubt will happen within 2021)

  • On an Android Device, or on a PC, when a notification is received, and the application (Customer Application, Delivery Application) is in the foreground, the notification won't appear. But an In-App notification popup will appear instead.

  • On any web-app, the push notification access prompt can only be shown once, once the confirmation for allowing or denying access is set by the user, the prompt cannot be placed again on the same device/browser. Users will have to manually go to the site-settings on their browser and allow/deny access.

  • To receive a push notification, either the browser should be running minimized on the system or the browser service must be running in the background. For example: on a PC, if you just restarted your system, the Chrome Browser Background service might not be available on Startup. So, you will need to open Chrome Browser once again and leave it running in the Background.

Please note, these Push Notification Limitations are not set by us, it is the Global Standard for all Web Applications.

Live Order Tracking

Web Apps do not have access to background location services. Hence, if the Delivery Application is running in the background or on a lock-screen, the live GPS data cannot be shared with the server. Example If the delivery guy is on Point A, and the app is open, the location is shared with the server and the position of the delivery guy is shown to the customer on the Order Tracking page. But, if the delivery guy locks the device and then drives, the customer will not receive the live location of the Delivery Guy. If the delivery guy reaches Point B and then opens the app again, the customer will see a jump of the delivery live location from Point A to the new Point B on their Order Tracking page.

If the delivery guy never turns off the screen and never puts the app in the background, then every 15 seconds the delivery guy's location is fetched and sent to the server and to the customer.

Please note, these Background Location Limitations are not set by us, it is the Global Standard for all Web Applications.

Payment Gateways

Foodomaa™ is not meant to be used for all countries as we have limited payment gateways. We only integrate a new payment gateway to Foodomaa™ when we receive a significant amount of requests for the same from different buyers.

As of now, Foodomaa™ has the following Payment Gateways:

  • Stripe 3D Secure with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

  • Stripe iDEAL payment for the Netherlands

  • Stripe FPX payment for Malaysia

  • Cash On Delivery payment

  • MercadoPago Payment for Brazil

  • PayStack payment for Africa

  • RazorPay payment for India

  • PayPal payment gateway

  • PayMongo payment for the Philippines

Multilingual Functionality

The Customer Application, the Delivery Application can easily be fully (99.99%) be translated by using the Admin Dashboard.

The Store Dashboard can be fully (99.99%) be translated using internal files.

The Admin Dashboard is not multilingual and cannot be translated (unless core files are modified manually). We do not have any plans to add multilingual functionality for the Admin Dashboard. If the Admin Dashboard files are modified manually to change texts/strings, it will be automatically replaced with the new files after an update.

Foodomaa™ doesn't support Right-To-Left(RTL) layout and Arabic Language for Customer Application, the Delivery Application, or the Store Dashboard.

Location Data and Data from Google APIs

Foodomaa™ relies on a lot of data from Google APIs. Data like Geo-Location, Address, Places, etc. Kindly note that these data are not controlled by the application as the application needs to trust the data that Google API provides.

For Example

  • If your device/phone has a week GPS signal, and when you tap on "Use Current Location" for setting the delivery address, your phone might send an incorrect position data (Latitude/Longitude) to Google and Google will send the Address Data of that particular location sent by phone.

  • If you have enabled Google Distance Matrix API from the Foodomaa™ Dashboard for Dynamic Delivery Charge calculations, the application will make a call to the Google API and send the Store Location as well as the Customer's Delivery Location. Now Google needs to decide the Driving Distance from these two locations. If you actually know the distance is 5 kilometers, but Google API says it's 4 kilometers, the application will only trust data from Google (i.e the delivery charges will be calculated based on 4 kilometers)

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