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Change Log

Version 3.5 - 26-02-2022

  • Major - Store Partner App released with v3.5 Compatibility.
  • Fixed Customer edit role change issue on Admin dashboard.
  • Fixed self-pickup asking for address issue on customer app cart page.
  • Fixed self-pickup wallet issue on customer app checkout page.
  • Removed Zero(0) value transaction logs from Admin Dashboard.
  • Self-Pickup Order tracking page improved with Store Info and Direction Button.
  • Minor code changes on customer app.
  • Few untracked changes on admin dashboard.

Version 3.4 - 15-01-2022

  • [NEW] Admin Dashboard full of new features (Details:
  • [MAJOR] Compatibility with Foodomaa Android Delivery App (Buy:
  • [MAJOR] Compatibility with Foodomaa Android Customer App (Buy:
  • [MAJOR] New Eagle View to track delivery guy live activity (Details:
  • Admin can track delivery guy live location on Order View page too (Android Delivery App required)
  • Overall admin dashboard improvements in the coupon, and setting pages.
  • Fixed Push Notification issues.
  • Fixed Razorpay duplicate SMS, notification issue.
  • Fixed Razorpay duplicated order issue. Fixed Customer to Delivery role conversion issue.
  • UI fixes in the customer/delivery app

Version 3.3 - 15-12-2021

  • Admin setting to hide Customer Details (email, phone, address) on orders from Store Owner Dashboard (Settings > Store Dashboard > Hide Customer Details on Order)
  • New Custom HTML block for Stores on Homepage (Stores > Edit > Meta Data > Custom Store Message)
  • Wallet empty order issue fixed
  • Reset datatable filters on Zone Change (was giving empty tables sometimes)
  • Google Distance Matrix API server calculation issue fixed.
  • Delivery collection and delivery collection log datatable column sorting issue fixed
  • Cash collection "collected by" was missing from Delivery Collection Log table on Admin Dashboard
  • Fixed OneSignal push notification issues for new order for Store Owners
  • Fixed awaiting payment running timer issue on Admin Dashboard
  • Better push notification compatibility for our Customer Android App
  • Native Android Razorpay integration compatibility for Customer Android App
  • Admin Dashboard layout issues fixed
  • Delivery Area Pro module has also been updated (kindly update that if you have already purchased it)

Version 3.2 - 06-12-2021

  • Ignoring SMTP/Email config error on completing delivery (invoice email sending)
  • Fixed multi-Language translation issue on page reload.
  • Fixed cart page infinite loading issue
  • Fixed accounts page infinite loading issue
  • Fixed Addon Category description missing from Store Owner Dashboard on Addon Category Edit page.
  • Razorpay push notification and SMS issue fixed.
  • SMS and push notification with all other payment gateways Fixed.
  • Fixed issue of Store Owner getting push notification on Awaiting Payment order
  • Razorpay payment failed but captured after some time with webhook, issue fixed.
  • Item bulk upload zonal issue from Admin issue fixed
  • Item bulk upload zonal issue from Store Owner issue fixed
  • Bulk upload timezone/timestamp issue fixed
  • Fixed order canceled by Admin was showing customer's name on who canceled issue
  • Fixed New Item add popup for searchable Store Name and Menu Category
  • Google Distance Matrix Server API integration for Store Operation status
  • Awaiting payment auto change to Payment Failed after xx minutes (Admin > Settings > All Settings > Wait for Awaiting Payment for)
  • Awaiting payment timer now shown on customer application in My Orders page
  • Fixed issue with Push notification for delivery guy when order assigned manually by Admin
  • Fixed error issue on Admin Dashboard when delivery guy already accepted the order.

Version 3.1 - 27-11-2021

  • Fixed canceled by whom order activity when order canceled by Admin.
  • Fixed order activity when delivery guy accepts the order.
  • Fixed order auto-accept activity when order's payment manually approved by Admin.
  • Fixed on store's zone change the changed zones not reflecting on store's earnings and payouts.
  • Added lock on order when delivery guy completing an order to avoid any kind of system misuse or manipulation for Commission.
  • New feature to view all the addresses of customers on Edit User page. (Delete and Locate option also added)

Version 3.0 - 24-11-2021

  • Foodomaa Android App Compatibility (soon to be released) [MAJOR]
  • Zones for Multi-City/Multi-Area and Franchise Business [MAJOR]
  • Stores can be linked to Zones
  • Staff can be assigned to Zones and only store data related to that zone will be displayed.
  • Customer application UX improvement from the ground up. (Now customer will directly land on the Homepage) [MAJOR]
  • Admin Dashboard data range to view stats of different dates.
  • Razorpay security fixes and Webhooks implementation
  • Advanced table for Orders on Store Owner Dashboard
  • Rating route protection from Store Owner Dashboard
  • Delivery Application max-order-queue issue fixed
  • Option to remove image on Edit Item page (Admin and Store Dashboard)
  • Code refactoring and reusable code for sending SMS, notifications.
  • Missing notification to customer when Admin manually assigns the order to the delivery guy.
  • Intuitive order activities on the View Order page (only for future orders after the 3.0 update)
  • New design of View Order page in Admin Dashboard.
  • New design for Wallet Add/Deduct in Edit user page in Admin Dashboard.
  • New design for Send Push notification page on Admin Dashboard.
  • Separate Customers page and table.
  • Separate Delivery guy page and table.
  • Separate Staff page and table.
  • Advanced tables for Delivery Collection and Delivery Collection Log
  • Added Cash Collected by in Delivery Collection Log table for easy Multi-Zone business.
  • Delivery Reviews sorting descending in the delivery application. (new rating/review on top)
  • Custom CSS for Admin/Store Dashboard (Admin > Settings > All Settings > Custom CSS (scroll to end of the page)
  • Utility to delete old order activity logs manually (Admin > Settings > All Settings > Clean Order Activity Logs)
  • Admin Dashboard nav menu categorization and UX improvements.
  • Advanced table for Items page on Admin Dashboard.
  • Advanced table for Stores page on Admin Dashboard.
  • Added order count on Delivery App Footer for new, picked up, and ongoing orders
  • Many untracked UI/UX improvements in the Admin Dashboard.
  • Code optimizations on the overall core of Foodomaa
  • Database queries optimization in API calls.
  • [Make sure to reupload all the modules after updating to v3.0]