Call And Order Module

Call And Order module for Foodomaa facilitates Admin, Staffs and allowed Store Owners to take orders over the call on their website.


  1. One-Click Login to any customer without using a password or an OTP.

  2. Place order easily using the Customer Application.

  3. All the features of the Customer Application can be used (like Tip, Wallet, Coupon, etc)

  4. Access to all previously saved addresses of the Customer.

  5. Guest Checkout with Optional Email and Password fields.

  6. Can assign permission Login as Customer to any Staff account.

  7. Allow permission to selected Store Owners to access the module.

How to install CallAndOrder Module?

Go to Admin Dashboard > Modules > Premium Modules > Upload Module and Drag-Drop the "" file.

You will be asked to verify your Purchase Code during the module installation.

How to Login to Customer from Admin?

Go to Admin Dashboard > Users > All Users and click the Login button on any customer you want to login into. You will be shown a popup with the Customer Application and will be logged-in in 2-3 seconds.

For Guest Checkout click on Login as Guest

How to assign permissions to Staff?

Go to Admin Dashboard > Users > All Users and click on Manage Roles and Permissions

If you already have a staff account assign them the permission to Login as Customer If you don't have a staff account already, click on Add New Role and assign permissions.

How to allow specific Store Owners to use this module?

Go to Admin Dashboard > Premium Modules > Call And Order Module Settings and from the dropdown menu select all the Store Owners that you want to allow permission to use this module. Note: the assigned Store Owners will be able to:

  • View the customer data.

  • Login as any customer

  • Create Guest accounts and place orders on behalf of any customer.

The commissions, taxes, delivery charges, store changes, etc will be the same for all the parties even when an order is taken over the call using this module.

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