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Promo Sliders

Promo Sliders can be enabled/disabled globally from Admin > Settings > General
Promo Slider Global Settings
Promo Sliders can be found in Admin > Extras > Promo Sliders

Creating Promo Sliders

Adding a new promo slider
Slider Position: This field defines where the slider will be positioned on the homepage.
  • Main Position - The slider will be placed on top of the page just after the logo header.
  • After X-Restaurants - The slider will be placed after the X-th restaurant on the restaurant's listing.
If a slider is set to be positioned after 4th restaurant, and there are only 2 restaurants appearing on the restaurant's listing page, the slider is not shown.
Size: This defines the size of the slider images.

Adding Images to Slider

Slider editing page
Clicking on the Edit button will take you to the Slide/Image Addition page.
  • Click on Add Slide to add a new Slide/Image to the Slider
Adding Slide/Image to the Slider
Link To: This defines the restaurant the slider is linking to. Clicking on the image will redirect the customer to the selected restaurant's page.
Enter Custom URL: With this option a custom URL can be placed on the Slide/Image.