How are Stores shown to the Customers?

If you are using our Delivery Area Pro Module, follow this documentation else, continue reading below. There are 3 things that affect the visibility of the store to the Customer Application:

  1. Latitude

  2. Longitude

  3. Delivery Radius

Let's take an example:

There are three stores A, B, and C. Each of them are set in a different location (Latitude/Longitude) with a different Delivery Radius. Let's say A has a delivery radius of 10 KM, B has 15 KM and C has 20 KM.

Scenario - 1

The Customer's set location doesn't come within any store delivery radius.

In this scenario, the customer won't be shown any stores.

Scenario - 2

In this scenario, the customer will only be shown Store C

Scenario - 3

In this scenario, the customer will only be shown Store A and Store B

Scenario - 4

In this scenario, the customer will only be shown all three stores. Store A, B, and C.

In what order are the Stores listed?

The stores which have a "Featured" badge are shuffled and listed on the top of the stores' list on the Homepage.

Other all stores are shuffled and listed below the Featured Stores.

The shuffling of the stores is done on every reload or whenever an API call is made to the server to fetch the new data.

How are Closed Stores shown?

If a store is closed and is eligible for shown to the customer's application, it is shown at the end of the stores' list on the homepage with a message "Not Accepting Order" with a grayed-out image of the store to indicate that is is non-operational.

This message can be customized by the Admin.

When a user clicks on a Closed store, they get a grayed-out page and will not be able to place any orders from this store unless the store is set back to Open by the Admin or the Store Owner.

Can I order the Store list in a certain way?

As of now, Foodomaa doesn't have the functionally to do that. So, you won't be able to do that.

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