Delivery Area Pro Module

The most requested feature for Foodomaa is now ready for serious business.

For a long time, Foodomaa has been using Radius based listing of Stores/Restaurants. More on that here. Radius based listing of stores is a powerful method of showing the stores to the users who are serving within their reach.

But sometimes, the radius based approach doesn't work with certain scenarios:

  • The terrain of your operational area.

  • Building/Road/Locality/City/Country wise restrictions.

  • Restriction to certain areas for a better opportunity for other stores/branches to serve.

  • Restrictions to a certain area due to political reasons.

  • Restrictions to a certain area due to Covid-19 Red Zones.

How does Delivery Area Pro Help?

With Delivery Area Pro you will be able to easily map the areas that your business will be serving. These areas can be then assigned to the stores.

How to install Delivery Area Pro?

Go to Admin Dashboard > Modules > Premium Modules > Add New Module and Drag-Drop the "" file.

You will be asked for your purchase code during the module installation.

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