You get the fully working web app with Customer Application, Delivery Application, Admin, and Restaurant Dashboard with the Regular License. All the features mentioned in the Item's description will be available.

The only thing that is not shipped with the Regular License is the Editable React Source Code. i.e., You only get the production-ready compiled JavaScript code for the front-end (React - Customer and Delivery Application). But you will get fully editable back-end codebase (Laravel - Admin and Restaurant Dashboard).

The full non-compiled version of the React Source Code is only shipped with the Extended License.

Note: Even with the Regular License; you will be able to edit the colors, translations, CSS styling, logos, favicons, splash-screens etc. easily from the Admin Dashboard. But you won't be able to modify the layout or add your custom functions to the Customer or the Delivery Application.You will be able to customize the Admin and the Restaurant Dashboard.

After the purchase of an Extended License, you will need to contact us with your CodeCanyon Username and Purchase Code for verification.

The full source code will be shared with you over email.

Every time we release an update on CodeCanyon, we ship the latest full source code with the Extended License Buyers within 24-48 hours.

Extended Licenses are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Read more about refunds here.